Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Last bands in NYC

I'm running out of time if I'm going to finish writing this Blog this week so I'll have to cover two concerts in one post. My final two nights in NYC were spent at gigs so here we go.

Bloc Party at Terminal 5

Another band who seem to have expanded their US fan base since I arrived as they were playing two sold out nights at Terminal 5 whereas their last tour was at the much smaller Webster Hall. To be honest it really was only the songs from Silent Alarm that I wanted to hear and it seemed that way for a lot of the crowd as these were the songs the crowd were most into.

Some of the newer songs didn't seem to require anyone to be playing onstage except the drummer. However, they played pretty much everything I was hoping for from the first album.

Morrissey at Webster Hall

I can't claim to be a particularly big fan of either Morrissey or The Smiths (greatest hits for each of them in my CDs but that's it). However, as he was playing such a, relatively, small venue and it was so close to my flat I got tickets.

Luckily there were a couple of Smiths songs in the set including my favourite "How Soon Is Now". Otherwise, the final song (can't remember the name) was a bit mad. One guy from the crowd climbed on stage to hug Morrissey and was thrown back and from then on dozens of people were trying the same thing. There were 4 security guys at the front of the stage throwing people back before they made it - not sure if that was song specific or normal at his gigs.

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